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a rainy day in spring - Yedigöller, the Seven Lakes

It is Sunday early morning in spring and we are getting into the car to make an escape for the day. Leaving behind the dust and noise of this metropolitan city, that keeps us so busy during the weekdays. We are heading west on the highway for one hour and short after the landscape changes from naked hills to forest and meadows, we turn north into the mountains where small village roads lead us to a green oasis in which mother nature is still in charge.

Our SUV is climbing up the mountain road and after each bend we want to stop and get out of the car to take a deep breath of clean air. We dive into the clouds that are stuck within these green mountain peaks until we finally arrive at "Yedigöller" the "Seven Lakes". This national park was established in the 1970th and is heavily forested with oaks, beech trees, hornbeams, alders, spruce, black pines and firs and a maze of forest trails meanders from view point to scenic overlook.

But the focal point of this national park are its seven small, beautiful lakes that were formed from one small mountain stream that passes through the park. Fresh, cold water tumbles down rocky hillsides and between boulders as small waterfalls or in rushing cascades, from one lake to the next one. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and the lakes are also charming simply because they are left natural and undeveloped and not crowded with cars or buses.

The national park wildlife is protected and the numbers of roe deer, red deer, brown bear, wild boar, lynx, fox, jungle cat, wolf, otter and many small mammals, are increasing. At least 500 species of birds have been sighted here, some of which are seasonal as the Seven Lakes are along their migration path. Some of the Seven Lakes teem with salmon and rainbow trout and some of the daily catch you may enjoy visiting the park's restaurant.

Under our raincoats we are walking along the small trails between the lakes, passing over small wooden structures that bridge the water streams. Everything is embedded in a variety of green, fresh colours and the water surface is sparkling from the slight rain that escorts us through the whole day. We wonder, what this place will look like in October - November, when the trees producing a riot of those typical autumn colours, this park is famous for. At the end of the day we are soaked from the rain but looking at each other's happy faces. We know already, without saying it, we will come back.

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