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Büyük Mağara - "the big cave" has thousand eyes

Kaş means diving

Kaş is not only the place of the annual swim race, but it is also famous for one thing in particular - diving. There are about 15 dive boats in the marina that take off twice a day to more than twenty different underwater sites. The variety on exciting dive spots and the large population of sea turtles makes Kaş the sport diving destination at the Turkish Mediterranean coast. To get information about diving locations around Kaş, I highly recommend the book "The Diving Guide - Kaş by Murat Draman, who gives.

Having travelled all this way to attend the swimming competition, we decide to use the opportunity to have a dive at Büyük Mağara - "the big cave". After breakfast, we get to the marina and soon we find a boat that will bring us to this famous dive spot. Büyük Mağara is a mighty cave descending to below 40 m water depth. Since we are all experienced divers, we look very much forward to get into the cave. One hour later we are at the spot, having a last check on the diving gears and our lamps which are a must have for this dive. And off we go.

a perfect cave dive

The entrance of the cave is below an overhang at about 27 m. Entering the cave, the ceiling immediately drops down a couple of meters. The bottom of the cave is about 10 meters below us, far enough from our fins not to lift the sand on it. We switch on the lamps and find ourselves in the middle of thousands of small illuminated dots all over the walls and ceilings of the cave. By investigating the phenomena we realize that these dots are the eyes of huge colonies of red shrimps. Soon after they disappear, we have time to adore the rich bouquets of neptune's lace and a colorful variety of corals.

Once out of the cave we turn south to investigate the rock formations around the cave. Surrounding the rocks we spot some groupers and shoals of other fishes. A big moray eel is hiding between the rocks and makes some angry movements when we come closer. Slowly it is time to go back and we turn north towards the dive boat. Due to the depth in the cave, we have to watch the dive computers to apply decompression stops. Gathering below the boat we get company. A big size sea turtle is coming close and swims around our group. Watching this majestic animal is a perfect way to pass our decompression time.

Back on board, we head north towards the marina. Yesterday we were swimming this distance but today we are relaxed and able to enjoy the scenery. The beauty of the landscape is breathtaking, especially when seen from a boat. We all agree to come back here, be it for the next swimming competition, diving or just to enjoy this last stronghold of natural beauty.

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