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the human power plant


The existence of Energy is the precondition to everything that defines our life on this planet. It regulates the conditions of our environment and powers our latest technology. But what does Energy actually mean and how is it defined? Looking through some of my old school books I found something that may help us to understand the matter. Here is the definition:

  • Energy is the capacity/potential of a system to perform work

  • Energy value of a system remains constant

  • Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed

  • Energy can only be changed into another form

Although we are talking always about energy consumption, this is not really correct because it would contradict with the definition of Energy. The truth is, that available energy on our planet, such as sun radiation, wind, coal, natural gas, crude oil, etc., must be transformed into other forms, such as electricity, heat, etc., to perform work for us. That's why we invented e.g. natural gas power plants that transform the energy stored in natural gas into electrical energy

Human Power Plant

In the same way our human body uses available energy (measured in kilocalories), such as food, water, etc., transforming the thermal/heat energy stored in it, into other forms of usable energies, that are necessary to carry out our main body functions. A human organism as a power plant. This human power plant works perfect only, as long as we find the "ENERGY BALANCE" between heat energy (food) available and energy transformation really needed for our body functions. If we have not enough heat energy input available, our organism will suffer but if we have too much heat energy input, our body will store the transformed energy in form of fat.

Energy Balance

So, the key to a healthy life is finding this "ENERGY BALANCE". Thousands of books have been written about this energy balance, armies of physicians and consultants are giving advice to people who suffer from energy imbalance and the pharma industry has created billions of dollar business every year.

Over the last two years I have studied, researched and tested the way to achieve this "ENERGY BALANCE". This blog aims to share the results and my experience in achieving it. You are invited to practice it on yourself and enjoy the results. You will learn,

  • to understand and define your very own heat energy transformation requirements

  • the rules and rewards about proper "food combining"

  • everything about the digestion times of your daily common food

  • about the principles and benefits of "sequential eating"

  • which ingredients, nutrients, vitamins and minerals are essential for your energy balance

  • which food, vegetables and fruits are the best suppliers of the ingredients you really need

I invite you to stay on board and I wish you success in finding your energy balance.

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