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witness of the past - Caro Hotel Valencia

The sun slowly disappears behind the mountain ridges when we head north along this dark blue Mediterranean coastline. The highway is empty but our minds are full with new impressions and happy memories. Leaving behind the "green giants" of Cartagena and all the excitement this region has to offer, we now look forward to spend the next days in the district's capital - Valencia. The 'Navi' is guiding us along this impressive green belt of the Rio Turia into the old city centre. Here we pass through narrow alleys where locals enjoy tapas and wine on worn-out sidewalks, under green plants and ivy growing down the old cast-iron balconies. We understand that our hotel is at the right place.

From the moment we enter the hotel, we wonder whether this place might be the extension of the "Museo de la Almoina" located just around the corner. Built on the ancient foundations of the roman city, the hotel invites us to walk through the relics of 2,000 years Valencian history. Starting with a second century cornice stone that was part of the roman circus, a roman mosaic carefully preserved under a glass floor, our attention soon goes to 10th & 12th century moorish lanterns, the foundations of the old Arab walls that surrounded the city, 15th century gothic tiles and remains of typical 18th century architecture.

Caro Hotel is located in the Seu-Xerea neighbourhood, just in the heart of the old city centre of Valencia, where in 138 BC the romans had built the first crossroads of the ancient city. Since this place has the touch of a museum with so much to admire, the hotel is equipped with so called "hotspots" for the curious, presenting short stories to the guests, explaining what it is that we are looking at. All rooms have unique architectural artefacts to enthrall lovers of history. In one room you find yourself inside an Arabic tower. In the next one you may observe some of the remains of an arch that belonged to one of the ancient city gates. Everything is designed as a piece of art embedded in the stones and sand of time. Caro Hotel is certainly a Valencia icon you shouldn't miss if you are looking for something really extraordinary.

But now it is time to go out to embrace the neighbourhood. Five minutes later we are blending in with the people in these narrow alleys, enjoying tapas and wine on worn-out sidewalks, under green plants and ivy growing down the old cast-iron balconies.

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