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the mist of Lake Abant

It is the time of sunrise when I step out on the balcony. It is freezing cold, barely 5 degrees, and the ground is soaked from the rain that knocked on the canopy of the hotel terrace the whole night. Nothing is left from this amazing view over the lake we had enjoyed yesterday from this very spot. The mist is so dense that I can barely see the reed that surrounds this beautiful Lake. It is "Lake Abant", part of a Nature Park located 30 km south-west of Bolu in Turkey.

It starts raining again and the cold mist is slowly going under my skin. Looking back into the room I'm tempted to slip back to you under the warm blanket, but this morning I have another thing in mind. It's time for my morning swim and this time it will be in Lake Abant. While I'm getting into my wetsuit I can see a familiar smile on your face, telling me silently that you still don't believe that I will actually do this. I secretly hope that the water is at least a little warmer than the outside temperature. 15 min later we are heading downstairs for a small entrance to the lake. Dipping into the water I wish I would have chosen the warm blanket instead. Life starts where your comfort zone ends.

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