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Windy Beach Rhodes

Rhodes is my favourite island

The driver is steering the taxi through these almost impassable narrow alleys, until we finally arrive at a tiny hotel entrance in a stone wall that is made of these typical medieval structures in the Rhodes Castle district. It is not our first time here and for sure it will not be our last time. There are some places in this part of the world, like Rhodes, that have a magic attraction to me. So I'm always urged to return back.

The French novelist Marcel Proust described it as: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." I agree, but it is important to first find somebody who opens our eyes.

Rhodes is my favourite Island in the Mediterranean Sea. It combines everything that I would expect from a perfect holiday. Approachable historical old town, museums, mild sea climate, untouched nature, good food, friendly people and most important, endless beaches. It is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy the sea. But this is not the only reason we came here. Rhodes provides also a variety of perfect open water training conditions.

short waves and wind

It is late afternoon when we leave the hotel, heading towards the north-west end of the island. After ten minutes walk through the old town we soon arrive at a place they call "windy beach". And yes, this place really lives up to its name. It seems the perfect place for a training swim under rough conditions. In a small bay, next to a jetty that functions as a good wave-breaker, we dive into the sea. Here the water is still calm and clear. But when we reach the open sea, the waves are getting tougher. Here suddenly we have to deal with those unpredictable "short waves", that are the pain in the neck of some open water events. It takes us some time to get used to these conditions but in the end we find our rhythm and have a wonderful training session.

The sun is slowly setting when we get out of the water. Exhausted but happy, we are walking back along the beach, enjoying the sunset. It is the perfect evening for "… having new eyes". And there is one more thing I'm "having" tonight. A big mixed gyros plate. ;-)

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