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game of thrones - port of pyke and the iron islands

Traveling along the Atlantic coast of Northern Ireland is taking time. Not because of the traffic; there is almost none. It is the amazing landscape of the coast line that makes us stop and get out of the car over and over again. Standing on top of these cliffs in an evergreen wavy Sea of grass, we can't get our eyes off the Sea shore below. Each time we are waiting patiently until the wind opens a small spot between the clouds, to get a minute of sunshine for a good photo. The weather can change here within a couple of minutes from dark clouds and rain to warming sunshine that wants us to open our coats.

Finally we reach the coast of Antrim. Our destination today is Ballintoy Bay, the location of a small fishermen's village that has become famous in the second season of Game of Thrones. Ballintoy harbour has been used as set for the "Port of Pyke" in the Iron Islands. Here we remember Theon Greyjoy's unceremonious return to the Iron Islands and many other scenes, shown in season two. We try to imagine what it took to turn this tidy sleepy place into the Port of Pyke. But it is not just the harbour that catches our attention. The whole weathered coastline of Antrim is so impressive that we can understand now, why it had been chosen as set for the Iron Islands.

We wander around for some time before we stop off at "Rourke's Kitchen", to enjoy some delicious homemade food. The Restaurant, inside an old grey stone house, is part of the harbour and this building had also been included in the set. Before we leave, dark clouds and heavy rain turn Ballintoy harbour into this grey and wet scenery, that reminds us once more on the set for Port of Pyke and what we came here for.

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