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the spirit of Parea at Casa Cook Kos

It is early summer and we are back at the Aegean Sea. This time we will spend the weekend on Kos, one of the small Greek islands just a short ferry boat ride away from the Turkish coast. Our destination is Marmari, on the north side of the island where we expect some wind and waves to make the swim training count. But this is not the only reason. Located at this same beachfront of the island is also one of the most unique and amazing hotels in Greece, the "Casa Cook Kos".

As we arrive it only takes a quick glance to know where we are. Like the Casa Cook Rhodes, which we enjoyed last year, the hotel takes its inspiration from traditional Greek island architecture, with one and two-storey cubist houses, grouped around gardens and patios. Rich, earthy tones, raw surfaces and dry stone walls, clean-lined furniture, natural materials and a breezy, open layout gives us the feeling like living in a friend’s house. It is the ultimate creation of a relaxed atmosphere in which luxury service is offered to us quite natural and discreetly.

"Parea" is the spirit of this venue. The host of Casa Cook describes Parea this way: “It’s all about living life with passion. To feel free and simply enjoy life without overthinking. Dance, eat, drink, laugh, join in and share the spirit with all of your old and new friends and don’t forget to celebrate the simple things in life.“

For the wind and waves we came to Marmari, and wind and waves we got plenty during the next two days. A little too much maybe but it still worked out. On the first day, it was not easy to get used to these strong movements against the shore. It felt more like swimming in a huge washing machine. On the second day the weather calmed down a little and I could swim my usual program. Whether the training was effective we will see in two weeks in Athens, the first open water race this year.

Sitting at the lobby we are waiting for the driver to bring us back to Kos harbour. Although too short, the weekend was wonderful. And yes, the spirit of "Parea" has embraced us, has cast a spell over us. So we agree to come back to Casa Cook next year - on Crete island.

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