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there is no such thing as a midlife crisis

My "crossing rubicon" post is all about decision making 2,000 years ago. I'm sure that there are plenty of other history changing decision making examples. But this one of Gaius Julius Caesar at the Rubicon is very famous and it is fascinating for me. So, why am I presenting you with a peace of history to come to decision making. Because most of us become a "Julius Caesar at the Rubicon" at one point in our life. For most of us it happens close to the age of Julius Caesar (50) at the Rubicon.

We have made a career, founded a family, raised children and filled our bank accounts and insurance policies or build our own home. We did take care of everything but we forgot to take care of us. We wonder why we get tired so easily or why we can't run 50m, or up the stairs, without getting out of breath. If we look in the mirror, we can't ignore anymore that we have 15 kilo too much and that our clothes are getting smaller somehow. We are worried about our jobs because we are not that effective anymore, so we work overtime to compensate for it. We wonder why we don't want to make love to our spouse anymore, blaming it on the stress and tiredness we can't handle.

We tell ourselves that this is just a phase of our life and that it will pass. But the truth is, it will not pass from alone. We have to do this. But first we have to take a decision. The decision that we want to have our life back. We have to cross our own Rubicon. But there is more to it. Crossing the Rubicon doesn't come for free because we are not alone. Everybody who is part of our private life will be afraid of losing the comfort we are providing to them. Only the ones who really care about us will accept our decision and understand that they will benefit from it in the future. Because by finding our energy balance we will be able to take better care of them in the future. Not all people around us will accept this, but sometimes we have to move on without certain people. If they are meant to be in our new life, they will catch up. If not, then what. Who cares.

I crossed the Rubicon early 2016. Since then I'm on my way to find my energy balance. Changes are not happening overnight. So my biggest challenge was to fight my biggest weakness "being impatient". Now, my physical conditions have changed back to a stage I had at the end of my University time. I feel like 28 again with the benefit of 25 years life experience. I'm much more healthy and relaxed and everybody around me, who was supporting me on my way, is now enjoying these changes as well.

I'm able to enjoy the simple things in life again and they come mostly for free. My sense of real beauty and love has come back to me and I'm enjoying the places, I had never time to see before, together with the people I love.

This section of the blog is to share those wonderful places and impressions with you. I invite you to sit back, enjoy and make your own travel plans to the real wonders of our world. However; It doesn't matter where you travel, important is with whom you enjoy it.

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